Prosthesis, in other words - the restoration and replacement of lost teeth, began long before the advent of modern medicine. Such prosthetics used only to mask defects, and not for the full restoration of chewing function.

These daysprosthesisin dentistry is an integral part of treatment. As more and more technologies and features appear in modern hospitals, various materials are used for the manufacture of dentures.

The problem of tooth loss, and restoration of the structure and function of the masticatory apparatus is engaged in a separate line in dentistry – orthopedics. A doctor specializing in orthopedic prosthetics, respectively called the orthopedist.

Modern orthopedic clinic in Kiev как правило tend to specialize in certain types of prosthetics.

Types of prosthesis

Today in orthopedic prosthetics clinicsheld in three types:

  • Removable dentures;
  • partially removable prosthetics;
  • removable prosthetics.

For non-removable dentures include:

Dental crowns–one of the most popular types of non-removable prosthetics. It is a cap that replaces the crown of the tooth with an imitation of natural forms.

Bridges– a special design of a number of dental crowns, which is attached to the natural teeth or roots. Also common, the classic version of the restoration of teeth.

Inlays– special seals, which are produced in the laboratory on individual impressions. The material most commonly used ceramic. Used with partial tooth loss. They adhere as closely as possible to the tooth, and have a high level of aesthetics. The tabs are more durable than fillings and practically invisible.

Ceramic veneers- fixed prosthesis in the form of thin ceramic plates that cover the outer part of the tooth. Basically, it has only an aesthetic function, is used in the area of smiles, and in addition the correction form, serves to give lighter color teeth.

Lumineers– is also a ceramic plate, but much thinner. Unlike veneers, before installing lumineers not require turning of the teeth, and they can be removed with time. But they are less practical and have a much smaller possibility of adjusting the teeth.

Tooth implant – an artificial metal, usually titanium, the rod that replaces the root firmly implanted in the bone tissue, with subsequent fusion of. On the implant is attached artificial crown, with a variety of materials.

Other species – partially or removable dentures. Among them:

Laminar prosthesis- denture acrylic or nylon base with artificial teeth. It may be completely removed or partially detachable, with locking in natural teeth.

Clasp dentures- have a metal frame, which includes holding devices, arc and artificial teeth. Produced in special laboratories.

Each type of prosthesis and method of denture solve specific functional and aesthetic problem, starting with ugly teeth color and ending with their complete absence. Dentists orthopedists advised to carefully approach the selection of a method of prosthetics, solely in conjunction with doctors.

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