Everyone knows that dentistry is one of the most important topics in medicine. Diseases of the teeth and oral cavity are of great specificity, the widest variety, and region of the problem. Because dentistry, like medicine section in turn is divided into a large number of fields and specializations.

Basic dentistry is preventive dentistry, it is possible to carry a subsection of children's therapeutic dentistry, as in the treatment of all childhood diseases has its own specifics. This branch of dentistry is most popular because of illness, which covers therapy, the most common among patients. The main task of therapeutic dentistry – treatment and prevention of decaying teeth. The main directions of treatment are:

  • treatment of caries;
  • fillings;
  • cosmetic restoration of teeth;
  • treatment, processing and filling the channels;

The next important field in dentistry is oral surgery, which specializiruetsya on operations:

  • the extraction of teeth and of their roots;
  • to remove stones from the salivary glands;
  • maxillofacial plastics;

Stunting in children is mainly specializiruetsya such as plastic frenulum of lips and tongue, allowing the children to form a correct bite. It is worth noting that in a modern pediatric surgical dentist used an inhalation method of anaesthesia.

Prosthetic dentistry deals with dental prosthetics. A variety of methods and types of treatment in this area is huge. There are three big groups of methods of prosthetics:

  • fixed prosthetics;
  • the partially-removable prosthetics;
  • removable prosthetics.

Implantology is a subsection of orthopedics which deals with the installation of dental implants.

Orthodontics – section specializiruetsya on the problems of correcting the bite and shape of the dentition. One of the most long-lasting types of treatment. Most often used in the treatment of pediatric dentistry.

As mentioned above, dental treatment in children has specific. Therefore, all kinds of dental treatment in young patients combined into a single block of pediatric dentistry. Its objective is the prevention and treatment of milk teeth and the control over the development of occlusion. Tasks of a pediatric dentist are also psychological preparation of children as well as teaching the rules of hygiene.

This is not all branches of modern dentistry. It should be noted the industry related to the treatment of gum disease – periodontics; dental hygiene; x-ray diagnosis. Increasingly new sections such as cosmetic (aesthetic) dentistry, dentistry for pregnant women and others.