Modern dentistry has in its arsenal many methods for restoring beauty and dental health. One of the most effective and popular ways to restore the dentition is to build teeth - a set of measures to eliminate aesthetic defects and restore the damaged tooth.

When do you build up your teeth?

The growth of the teeth is indicated in the presence of spots, chips, cracks, caries, mechanical injuries, injuries caused by dental diseases, as well as in cases where there are cracks between the teeth. Note that in cases where more than 50% of the tooth crown and tooth root are damaged, a pin is used to build up the tooth. The growth of the teeth is carried out with the use of photocomposite and photopolymer materials, which are easily modeled, and then solidified under the influence of special lamps.

With small damages, the teeth are grown in just one session, while the nerve is retained, which means that the restored tooth remains "alive".

How is the buildup of teeth?

As a rule, before dilation the dentist carries out professional cleaning of teeth from plaque and stones. This approach helps to identify hidden problems (for example, previously unobtrusive areas of carious lesions), and also promotes better fixing of the filling material. After cleaning, the dentist selects the color of the filling material, which is closest to the natural color of the patient's teeth.

Further, the removal of damaged areas (carious foci, old fillings, etc.) is carried out with the help of special dental instruments. Depending on the degree of tooth decay, the next step is determined. If the root of the tooth is damaged and more than 50% of the crown, the dentist places the pin around which the upper part of the tooth is reconstituted using composite materials.

If the root of the tooth is intact, and the crown is damaged less than 30%, the dentist will isolate the tooth from the saliva, and then apply layer-by-layer filling materials, recreating the full tooth shape.

At the final stage, the dentist adjusts the shape of the restored tooth, grinding and polishing the surface with special tools.

With the observance of technology and the use of optimal materials, the tooth restored by the method of building is practically the same as the natural teeth.

Due to the build-up of teeth, it is possible to restore the dentition without resorting to prosthetics, the price of which is much higher.