The price of dental services in Ukraine is considered low compared to other European countries, therefore dental tourism in Ukraine is very popular among foreigners. This is a great opportunity to save on the treatment of teeth, combining business with pleasure. For Ukrainians, there are other, no less effective ways to reduce the cost of dental treatment. In this article, we will try to briefly describe how to save on the treatment of teeth to a Ukrainian.

Prevention of dental and gum disease

A banal thing, the importance and effectiveness of which many mistakenly underestimate. Although in fact, the prevention of oral disease is one of the most effective ways to save on dental services, eliminating the need for expensive treatment.

Like any disease, diseases of the oral cavity are easier (and, of course, cheaper) prevented than treated. To do this, it is necessary to provide full-fledged care for the oral cavity: thoroughly brush your teeth 2-3 times a day, use dental floss, rinse aid, tooth powder, rinse the mouth after eating, minimize the use of products that have a destructive effect on tooth enamel, Preventive examinations at the dentist every six months, etc.

Nutrition for strengthening of teeth

Tooth enamel, although it is very durable, can eventually be eroded and cracked under the influence of various products and microorganisms. In most cases, to maintain the health of the teeth is not enough just to adhere to the rules of oral hygiene, you must also include in your diet foods useful for the teeth:

  • Solid fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, apples, carrots, etc.
  • dairy;
  • seafood (fish, sea kale, shrimp, etc.);
  • Citrus fruits;
  • eggs;
  • honey, etc.

All these foods have vitamins and trace elements useful for teeth, and therefore contribute to strengthening tooth enamel and reduce the risk of carious lesions.

Also, the specialists of the clinic Doctor Zub recommend that at least once every six months they perform professional cleaning of their teeth. This approach will ensure maximum cleaning of tooth deposits and preserve the health and beauty of your teeth for a long time.