Metal ceramic crowns are one of the most popular types of prostheses used in modern dentistry for full and partial restoration of the dentition. Metal-ceramic prosthesis does not externally differ from natural teeth, but they are more resistant to the influence of food dyes and microorganisms, so they retain color for a long time, not darkening and not being exposed to plaque formation. Nevertheless, cermet teeth require no less care than natural teeth - only under this condition they will serve for a long time, without losing aesthetics and strength.

Basic rules for the care of teeth prostheses made of cermets

The rules for the care of cermet prostheses vary depending on which prostheses are installed - removable (with full prosthetics of the dentition) or non-removable (with partial prosthetics).

Thus, the care of removable cermet prostheses involves the use of an irrigator for effective cleaning of the remains of food from under the prosthetized teeth. For the night, such prostheses should be removed, thoroughly cleaned and stored in a dry form. In some cases, it is required to store the removable denture in a special solution, but it is strongly discouraged to replace it with water or another liquid not intended for this purpose. Toothpaste is better to use the one that is aimed more at caring for the gums and is characterized by a low degree of abrasiveness.

With partial prosthetics of the dentition, care for the cermets should be the same as for the natural teeth: brush your teeth at least 2 times a day with a brush and paste, rinse your mouth with water after each meal, do not forget about using rinsers, dental floss, P. Particular attention should be paid to dental care, which directly bordered on the cermet prosthesis, to ensure the removal of plaque and foreign particles in the interdental space.

It is important that the choice of the paste should be done proceeding from the peculiarities of the state of natural teeth, since the cermets themselves, fluorine, and extracts of medicinal herbs, which are present in the toothpaste composition, do not influence the cermets themselves.

Also note that to ensure the longest possible service life of cermet prostheses, one must refrain from too hard, hot and cold food, which can provoke the formation of cracks in the enamel of artificial and natural teeth.

With all the rules and recommendations for care, the metal-ceramic prostheses will last for more than a decade! Take care of your health!