The period during which wisdom teeth are coming in often recall with a shudder. Wisdom teeth erupt last, and during this long process many have significant discomfort and sometimes suffering. In General, the eight most problematic teeth and deal with patients dentistry regularly.

What are the most common issues with the eights there are, and what methods of treatment of wisdom teeth?

  • Difficult teething

There are a number of explanations. The first is that a new, eighth in a number of tooth, there was never milk, respectively, the gums in that place "not prepared." Another reason is that a growing wisdom tooth is already in the adult period, and a tooth have difficulty to break through as the jaw bone has long been formed. Because there is inflammation of the tissues around the teeth, which leads to increased temperature, pain in the jaw, sometimes in the throat and even in the ear.

The eruption may be very long, and because the symptoms will bother humans. This can cause inflammation of bone, and in rare cases to provoke a cyst wisdom tooth. Therefore, in case of continuous pain it is better to consult the dentist.

  • Increased risk of caries

Very often, wisdom teeth do not have enough space for the correct positioning in the tooth row. You may tilt toward the neighboring tooth, leading to the accumulation of food and difficult cleaning between them. This leads to the development of caries as eight and neighboring teeth. Moreover, because of their long occupancy, it is not always possible to perform cleaning even the ideal growing tooth, which leads to the accumulation of plaque, that too can cause early tooth decay.

  • Distopian tooth

As already mentioned, the wisdom teeth may not grow in exactly the right direction and position. These teeth are called dystopianism. Among the wisdom teeth is an extremely common phenomenon. The consequences of dystopia may be injury to the mucosa of the mouth, changing the position of the neighboring teeth and even malocclusion. These consequences are the reason for the removal of incorrectly increasing eights.

Sometimes creates problems not yet prorezalsya a wisdom tooth that is still inside the jawbone or under the gum. It can put pressure on the roots of the adjacent tooth, thereby creating pain and endangering the loss of the seventh tooth.

Deviation of the growth of wisdom teeth

  • The pericoronitis

Inflammation can occur between the tooth and the gums called pericoronitis. This leads to swelling of the gums, pain, bad odor and taste. If time does not remove the hood of a wisdom tooth, inflammation can affect the jaw periosteum (periostitis) and bone (osteomielit).

  • Periodontitis

All for the same reason, lack of thorough cleaning around the tooth will begin to accumulate bacteria that can cause gum inflammation. It is also one of the reasons for removal of wisdom teeth.

How to facilitate the eruption of wisdom tooth?

When the correct location of the tooth to facilitate the eruption of dentistry in Kiev can hold the procedure of removing the hood over the tooth, thus freeing the way for the tooth. Without surgery can relieve the pain by gargling with antiseptic solutions (soda salt), intake of analgesics. But sometimes, the problems with a wisdom tooth, better solutions than removing, does not happen.