Clinic "Doctor Zub" takes part in the initiative of the European Federation of Periodontologists and the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology - the Day of Healthy Desna. The main goal of the event is to draw attention to periodontal diseases. The prevalence of periodontitis and gingivitis is more than 50% of the adult population of Ukraine.

We invite all comers to a free consultation and examination of the gum condition on May 12, 2018 from 8-00 to 20-00 in our clinic.

It is necessary to consult a doctor-parodontologist if you observe:

  • redness of the gums
  • bleeding gums
  • bad breath
  • lowering of the gum edge
  • bare teeth
  • mobility of teeth

On this day, our doctor - periodontist MIROSHNICHENKO DIANA VLADIMIROVNA will conduct a periodontal reception in which all patients can absolutely know their periodontal status and get professional advice on the condition of the gums, about treatment options for diagnosing periodontal diseases and also recommendations for caring for gums at home.

To write to the clinic for a free check of your gums, call: 044 502 91 92

Hurry to enroll, the number of seats is limited.