In our days the image of a successful person must include such a component as an ideal, healthy smile. However, very often many patients dentistry to reach the ideal, faced with the necessity of intervention by the orthodontist, and to resort to the long method of dental treatment - correction of irregularities with braces. How and when to put the braces and how much it costs we will discuss later in the article.


How is the installation?

The bracket system includes several components, including the braces themselves, ring locks, orthodontic arch, the elastic traction and literary. All these elements are set at the beginning of treatment and removed only at the end.

A separate bracket is glued with a special glue to each tooth, then they are connected by arcs that tie lataguri.

On the rear, typically 6 and 7, the teeth are placed orthodontic buccal and ring locks.

The installation procedure of braces occurs in a single session at the orthodontist, and absolutely painless.


Does the braces for only one jaw?

Yes, but rarely. It often happens that the correction of occlusion and curvature of the teeth is performed on both jaws. Sometimes combine different types of braces: put on the top aesthetic braces, and the lower jaw – a common metal.

What preparation is necessary before installing the braces?

Need to be sure to thoroughly examine the teeth and prepare the mouth. Is a panoramic image of the jaws, made a plaster model for the decision accurate diagnosis doctor, orthodontist. Defines the duration and treatment plan. Before installation of braces is the only treatment of caries, if present, eliminates gum disease, is professional cleaning.


What is best to put braces?

In orthodontics, braces can be divided into two groups: vestibular braces (attached on the external side of the teeth) and lingual braces (attached on the inner side of teeth).

Also divided braces, depending on the material: metal, ceramic, sapphire, plastic. Another system may be a classic literarily, or bezetalonnyi.

When choosing braces, you need to focus on financial capability, aesthetic requirements, and comfort level. In almost every case you can put any of the systems, because the differences do not affect the final result, but greatly affect how comfortable you will feel during the period of wearing braces.


Is there an alternative to braces?

Yes, some of them transparent aligners – removable silicone mouth guard. They are much more convenient, but rather limited their application: only suitable for simple defects. There are trainers and orthodontic braces, which are effective for the correction of defects in children.


How much are braces in Kiev?

The cost for braces depends on several factors. There are a variety of braces, the cost of which varies. The most expensive dentist in Kiev are considered to be lingual braces, and the cheapest – common metal. Therefore, if you are not as critical aesthetic component, and the only important result, and if you want to put the braces are inexpensive, then choose the classical system. The cost of all the braces you can see in our price list.