The condition of the teeth and gums is a reliable indicator of the General health of the human body. In the modern world more than two thirds of the population suffers from various diseases of the gum tissue, among which the most common is periodontitis.The first stage of this disease is characterized by redness of the gums and slight bleeding. If at this stage the patient does not pay attention to hygiene and care of the mouth, comes the further accumulation of plaque and hard deposits. This leads to the progression of the disease, increased bleeding gums, unpleasant odor. Permanently weakened inflamed gum tissue can no longer hold the teeth, gradually loosening them, and later these teeth can be lost.Care gums

In order to slow down the progression of the disease, it is primarily necessary to remove the causes of the inflammatory process in the gums. One of the main reasons unscrupulous care for the oral cavity and neglect the rules of hygiene. With insufficient cleansing of the teeth and gums from soft plaque is the accumulation of various bacteria, highlighting the enzymes that destroy gum tissue, in particular a circular ligament of the teeth. Gradually destroys the bone around the teeth, the formation of pathological bone pockets, where they can accumulate even more harmful bacteria.The main causes of gum disease:

  • bad oral hygiene;
  • Smoking;
  • partial loss of teeth, leading to an overload of the remaining teeth and their loosening.

Also of importance, the overall health of the body and the presence of various comorbidities.

The oral hygiene

Daily brushing should become a mandatory procedure, the cleansing process should be performed correctly, adhering to the techniques that can demonstrate the dentist. Brushing your teeth is necessary after every meal, and morning and evening it is advisable to accompany her gum massage. These procedures not only clean the teeth and gums, but also improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, stimulate processes of local immunity. An additional way to clean the mouth – use after normal cleaning of various mouthwashes and dental preparations.They help to neutralize harmful bacteria in those places where you do not get a toothbrush and floss.Tips for caring for your gums

In the presence of gaps between the teeth where it can remain plaque must use dental floss brushes. Toothpicks do not get carried away, once again not to injure the already inflamed gums. Of course, for human health Smoking – the source of many unpleasant consequences, including the mouth. Under the influence of nicotine there is a sharp narrowing of the capillaries, which nourish the tissues of the gums. Not receiving a sufficient blood supply to the gums gradually atrophied, the teeth become mobile.Rational prosthesis will help properly distribute the load on the remaining teeth.