Tooth enamel is called the upper hard layer which covers the teeth. It makes teeth quite hard and takes the brunt of the burden in the process of chewing food. It is not surprising that most of the diseases of the teeth begins with damage to the enamel. Many people wonder whether tooth enamel to restore? And if you can, how to strengthen it as efficiently as possible? tooth enamel

To restore tooth enamel is possible only at the stage when the process of destruction cannot be called running and its effects are not irreversible. In this situation you must direct all your efforts to remove the cause of the fracture and saturate the teeth with calcium.

  • Include in your diet a large number of products containing calcium. Especially pay attention to the cottage cheese and natural products. If you eat these products regularly, areas of enamel that has lost strength due to leaching of calcium will get the necessary amount of a scarce item. Microcracks and cavities are filled and the tooth will no longer issue a response to cold and heat.Protection of tooth enamel
  • Give preference for fluoride toothpastes. At the same time to brush their teeth at least five minutes twice a day. Fluoride helps strengthen porous areas of the enamel and restores their strength. It is important not only to clean the teeth fluorine-containing pastes, but also to massage the gums. It is preferable to select a soft brush because hard bristles themselves can mechanically damage the enamel.
  • Please consult a dentist who specializiruetsya on the bite. It malocclusion often is the reason that the load on the teeth is distributed unevenly, causing the enamel simply does not stand up and it cracks.

All these methods can not be called extremely effective because they are aimed primarily at maintaining the state of the teeth at the moment and do not allow them to deteriorate further. If you aim at an immediate result, try to restore tooth enamel with dental fluoride varnish. Thanks to modern technology and the use of composite materials lacquer applied to the surface of the tooth, absolutely not damage it.Thus, the affected area is protected, and you have more time to try to restore health enamel natural ways.