Caries is a very unpleasant disease of the hard tissues of the tooth, its development entails a gradual destruction of tooth enamel and dentin. The first signs are small damage on the surface of the teeth. At first, they may not cause pain but if you do not take timely measures, the damaged areas deepen and turn into a cavity. As a result, the tooth can completely break down.

It would be wrong to assume caries a defect, because it is a serious disease that need timely treatment. The deeper damage to the tooth, the more painful it can be treatment, so patients often require local anesthesia. In severe cases doctors have to remove the nerve of a diseased tooth and often the tooth. To keep the teeth intact and not be subjected to painful and unpleasant procedures, you should know the causes of caries, and measures for its prevention.treatment of caries

The causes of tooth decay

To understand how to prevent carious teeth, you need to find the main factors causing caries.

  • wrong hygienic care for the oral cavity;
  • the predominance in the diet of carbohydrates, a deficiency of calcium and vitamins, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • harmful pathogenic bacteria that multiply in the mouth.

Of these factors, the greatest harm brings the latest. In the mouth of any person present a certain number of harmful microorganisms, they are called opportunistic. If the number is less than the critical level of harm from them any. What could provoke their proliferation? It could be a hormonal imbalance of the body, various diseases, weak immune system and some other factors. As soon as the number of bacteria reaches a critical level, they begin to digest the carbohydrates contained in food residues in organic acids.Under the influence of these acids, the surface layer of enamel is damaged, and caries.

To keep your teeth healthy and unharmed, you should follow a few simple guidelines.


  • The most important rule — keep mouth and teeth clean. On your teeth is plaque, which eventually turns into Tartar between the teeth and stuck the leftovers, which are food for harmful microorganisms. Therefore, it is necessary twice a day to brush your teeth. Brush is recommended to use soft and pasta is better to choose contains fluoride, which strengthens the hard tissue of the teeth and eliminates small cracks.The prevention of dental cavities
  • It is also necessary to balance the power, to enter into the diet all the essential vitamins and minerals. And from Smoking and abuse of alcohol is better to abstain.
  • Definitely need to regularly visit a dentist. In the initial stages, while damage to the enamel surface, they are easily and painlessly treated. And the more the tooth is corroded by caries, the more health effects, because these cavities are the inputs for different pathogenic bacteria.

Following these simple rules, you can reduce the risk of tooth decay to a minimum and keep your teeth healthy.