White smile – the things without which nowadays is hard to imagine a healthy, self-confident, successful person. Unfortunately, even with a very attentive and caring to teeth eventually enamel darkens. In this case, quickly return the "commercial" look of the teeth would allow the appeal to the experienced dentist.

The popularity of dental services for teeth whitening is growing annually at a rapid pace. Statistics of any dental center can easily show that apply for this service happen with the same frequency as records on medical treatments. Let's see, what is teeth whitening, how it is done and can be a such procedures are medical contraindications.

What is it and how to do whitening

Tooth whitening – a set of targeted actions in order to give the teeth a lighter shade. To whitening effect today in several ways. The first method involves removing the top of "blackened" from constant exposure to the coloring substances of the enamel layer. During the procedure cleaning enamel is a special sensitive microscopic abrasive elements. The degree of whiteness is determined by the thickness of the removed layer: the more removed the enamel, the whiter (but thinner and more vulnerable) be teeth.features-whitening-teeth

The second method involves laser whitening. The essence of the method is to use whitening is not only abrasive elements, and chemical acids. The effect of carried-out procedures will be noticeable immediately, however the price of this white – deterioration in the health of teeth that have been exposed to chemicals.

When teeth whitening at home the most modern variant is the use of plates coated with bleaching solutions or special whitening strips. Such recovery tools white enamel are relatively safe, almost do not violate the integrity of the coating of the teeth. Treatments home whitening can be performed at any convenient time. Sometimes whitening strips attached to the teeth at night.

The result of using domestic bleaches – improvement of whiteness of the enamel up to 5 colours, this saves health, strength teeth. Currently this method is recommended by most dentists.

It is important to remember that the teeth whitening procedure is not only cosmetic, but also medical. Before applying any bleaching agents and solutions, you should consult with your doctor. It is not excluded that your chosen method will be not suitable for medical reasons.

The goal of teeth whitening is to make the teeth attractive and white with the preservation of their health. If the procedure has a negative impact on the condition of the teeth, it is recommended to refuse from its implementation. The characteristics of each particular method is always specified individually at the dentist.