Toothache is the most painful and unpleasant and endure it. anyone who at least once in life have experienced this terrible pain, no longer can her never to forget. This is perhaps one of those medical problems, which to solve the self is simply impossible, so a visit to the dentist can not be ignored. But to prevent many diseases, which are the cause of this terrible pain is quite able to any person. Let's talk about why a toothache and dental pain in General.

What is a toothache?

The pain, as well as its reasons can be different. If you are going to pay a visit to the dentist should try to choose the most accurate adjectives to describe their feelings. This will help the doctor faster and more accurate diagnosis, which means he will be able to get rid of discomfort. So, toothache can be:

  • Pulsating;
  • Sharp;
  • Aching;
  • Constant;
  • Paroxysmal;
  • Intense.

If the night and evening, tormented by acute pain, it can be a symptom of pulpitis, that is, inflammation of the soft tissues of the tooth. Intense pain of an acute nature appears to periodontitis – an inflammatory process which occurs in the upper part of the tooth root. With periodontitis, the teeth ache constantly. Sharp throbbing pain with swelling of the gums is a symptom of an abscess tooth. It happens so often that the pain subsides by itself, but it is not a sign that all is well. It could indicate a dying nerve, but the inflammatory process continues and the teeth decay next.

The pain is there after the procedure of filling

Most dental procedures are associated with discomfort, is not an exception and filling the canals. If during the manipulations introduced into the body in anesthesia, after the drug ceases to act painful sensations are inevitable. After all, during treatment conducted serious interference in the tooth, but it can not go unnoticed. The discomfort in this case is temporary and will pass in a few days.

If the pain under the seal won't slow down and after a few days, you have to make an appointment to the dentist. The most frequent reason for such condition is the failure to comply with all rules during installation of the seal. The complexity of the treatment beduet depend on the nature of pain and of course, the reasons for its occurrence.

Removed the nerve, but still in pain

Removal of the nerve is not less serious operation than filling. The cause of pain after removal of the nerve can be:

  • The nerve was not completely removed because of the poor quality of treatment;
  • The patient has an Allergy to the materials used for fillings;
  • Interrupt occurred in the structure of the tooth during surgery.

If the cause of the pain is due to the latter reason, then there is nothing wrong in this, because it is temporary and is almost inevitable. To alleviate the situation for these few days, the doctor may advise you to take painkillers. If the discomfort is not gone for 3-5 days, you have to go to the doctor.

Toothache under a crown

Such problems patients also face quite often. This is the case when no medical assistance is necessary. Causes of this pain can be the following factors:

  • The root canal happened to break off the handle of the tool;
  • Before the procedure, the prosthesis was poorly trained tooth;
  • In the wall of the root was formed "hole" due to improper use of the tool.

As you can see, the causes of toothache are different, some of them are temporary and will resolve spontaneously in a few days, and some require prompt medical care. To alleviate their condition with the help of pain medicine, for example Advil, Ibuprofen or Ketanov. Before to take sure to read the instructions.