Smoking is bad for you! This will tell any man, even if he is a heavy smoker. Why would a normal person to kill themselves with their own hands. And spending a lot of money? To answer this question in different ways, but this is not the purpose of our story. We would like to touch the topic about how harmful Smoking is to our teeth. Perhaps, receiving such important information at least a few people will think about what we need to get rid of your addiction.

Does Smoking teeth?

Smoking is the smoke. And hot smoke covers tooth enamel with cracks, but it's not the worst thing that can happen to your teeth. When burning tobacco are allocated mikrochastitsy tobacco tar, and they are the originators of unpleasant color of tooth enamel. It has an unpleasant smell and to get rid of it very difficult.

Acrid tobacco smoke irritates the tissues of the mouth, so smokers suffer from various inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. And all this like a magnet attracts the bacteria that cause gum damage and contribute to the development of caries. And formed on the teeth plaque is gradually turning into a stone, the consequence of which is destruction of the enamel and gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums, and this means that the softened gum tissue will "recede" from the teeth, exposing their neck. Nothing good follows.Statistics show that by the age of 65, 40% of smokers have no teeth. Of course, you can rely on dental implants, but hopes to hold them is not worth it. The fact that the prosthetics smokers are not always effective, and often even Vice versa. Also, we must remember that healing after any dental surgery is much slower and often appear complications. The most terrible disease of a smoker is cancer.

And maybe a cigar or pipe?

Cigarette manufacturers advertising their products, and predispose consumers to switch to cigars and pipes. The more they are motivated? Well, at least the fact that Smoking cigars and pipes do not rush, and do it on the go does not work, that is, people will smoke less. Besides not necessarily be delayed, so the smoke enters the lungs. But the teeth he gets! And even more than that – from a smoker enjoys, relishes it. From all this it can be concluded that Smoking of cigars and pipes has at least a deleterious effect on the oral cavity than cigarettes.

Numerically tobacco

Chewing tobacco is considered by many not cause harmful effects on the body, as there is the main pest of smoke. But do not hurry with conclusions, because chewing or smokeless tobacco is actually not so harmless. In tobacco contains a terrible poison – nicotine. It disrupts the blood supply to the gums, has a dilution effect on the soft tissues, which increases the risk of developing cancer of the larynx. Diseases of the esophagus, larynx, oral cavity meet 4-5 times more common in people chewing or sniffing tobacco. Gingivitis is also invoked by the action securitising of tobacco.There is even evidence that in the body of pollutants at those people who chew and do not smoke tobacco.

After reading all the above we can draw one conclusion – we must leave! Smoking may not be healthy or safe. Consumption of tobacco in any form causes significant damage to the human body, and this particularly affects the health of teeth. Is it worth sacrificing their beauty for the sake of addiction? Most likely – no! Perhaps poliproten this material the number of sold packs of cigarettes a little decrease, as all of the smokers under a dental office.