Some parents are totally unconcerned about the fact that the child has milk teeth are destroyed. Their logic is: why treat baby teeth, if in their place will still grow regular. But, unfortunately, it is not so.

Milk teeth is not neglected, but they are the Foundation of a future healthy jaw. They are "training" option, because occupy an important place in the process of formation and development of the jaw. If dental decay before the child loses its teeth, it leads to impaired development of the jaw. Besides, it is necessary to know the rudiments of the permanent teeth are located directly under the milk, so the infection can easily penetrate into them. What the result is? Permanent teeth already grow sick.

Baby teeth have to try to keep up to the moment when they will be replaced, so they should definitely be treated. The process of change occurs on average 9-10 years of age. To remove them ahead of time is very undesirable because it can lead to malocclusion. Malocclusion is not only ugly aesthetically, but problems with proper chewing, and, as a consequence, the development of gastrointestinal diseases.

How often do children have cavities? As much as it sounded sad, but just temporary baby teeth are especially vulnerable to infectious lesions. Tooth enamel up to 12 years of age still has not completely, caries develops them instantly, so the treatment of milk teeth is almost inevitable. The child should be accustomed to the oral hygiene from an early age. After each meal be sure to rinse your mouth and brush our teeth at least 2 times a day. The minimum preventive measures that parents should instill in their children.However, these measures are not always enough to prevent cavities.

Who should monitor the health of your teeth?

To find the answer to this question is very important to first parents. Often, moms and dads strive to make their child
self and impose on him a certain responsibility. But you can not be careless. The first permanent teeth appear in a child around the age of 6 years, so if he can take responsibility for their health? He does not understand that poor care of the oral cavity will lead to serious health problems in the future, he can not even imagine is the future.

Whether to treat milk teeth? Yes, because the only way to give him happiness, which is called health. To monitor the condition of deciduous teeth must first parents, the child simply can not understand that the "third" of the teeth he will not. Take care of their children and do not neglect visits to the dentist.