Baby teeth are substantially different from adults and diseases are all different. Now, fortunately, there is a separate area, like pediatric dentistry, which all attention is paid to children mouth. So in a normal clinic to see the inscription: "Dental children's Department" is very easy. It is important that the child was at the dentist at least once a year.If the teeth are not treated from an early age, it can cause occlusion, and in the investigation and to the incorrect pronunciation of words. In Europe it is accepted already at a very young age to put child's braces, and this is true, then how to correct the bite is extremely difficult, and not every teenager will agree to wear braces, because it looks not so aesthetically pleasing. We have such a "bregetova trend" already appears. Technology in pediatric dentistry uses a variety. For treatment of dental caries used silver, classic fillings and so on.The silver is coating the teeth with a solution with silver nitrate, which has an antibacterial effect and inhibits the development of caries.

Pediatric dentist

Modern technologies allow to treat the teeth effectively, safely and efficiently. But do not forget that taking the child to the clinic, little does he realize what kind of procedure he will, so it's best to choose a clinic which has a good children's dentist, waiting room with toys and a child psychologist, which at any moment will be able to reassure your child. In many countries came up with such a large number of soothing treatments for the child that going to the dentist it is considered a holiday. The main thing that in childhood the child does not have any fear of the words "pediatric dentist".The anxiety and stress then can haunt a person all his life.

We all know that children's milk teeth extremely vulnerable, they are more susceptible to caries, and infections affect teeth almost instantly, which can lead to pulpitis and even cysts. Caries is a very dangerous disease that leads to destruction and tooth loss. Even if the tooth milk need by any means to prevent it falling out, if you want to the child is properly chewed food.Many parents think that caring for baby teeth are unimportant, since sooner or later they will fall, but any tooth leads to bacterial growth, and subsequently through the bone tissue, and administration of the whole organism. So bad teeth are accompanied by fever and chills. Periodontal diseases are one of the most common dental diseases. Now, unfortunately, they are often recorded in children. Kids is important to teach correct dental care. Therefore, it is important that the child remember that the teeth should be cleaned 2 times a day and use floss.Toothbrushes should be special: small, with soft bristles. There is a huge misconception that no matter what the child eats, the main thing that ate a lot, but it's not true. It is important that the child is fed on mother's milk, which contains a huge storehouse of vitamins. In General, all types of dairy products must be present in the diet of the child.