What is pain in the teeth know many people firsthand. Even from childhood we were taught parents: "don't eat many sweets, brush your teeth carefully." All these orders were not in vain, as from a toothache affects many children and adults. Preventive dentistry is called upon to engage in the prevention of diseases of teeth, mucous membrane and periodontal tissues.

Therapeutic dentistry deals with the study and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. A qualified dentist therapist can help you in the treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, erosion, as well as fix the injury and pathology of the teeth.

Modern science does not stand still, and these discoveries relate to dentistry. If earlier preventive dentistry resigned their powers to the elimination of pathologies in the teeth, now this branch of science is also involved in restoration of damage inside the dental tissues. So, for example, early caries treatment ended with a simple installation of the seal, but now the practitioners to fully restoring the teeth according to aesthetic norms.Or removal of the damaged pulp was performed using devitalizing drugs that required frequent visits to the dentist, but today the use of vital pulp removal, use of anesthesia, which reduces visits to the doctor to once.

Modern therapy uses the latest findings in dentistry, such as gutta-percha, reflective materials of last generation. All these modern tools of dental treatment focused on patient comfort. Therefore, in dentistry today use local anesthesia, which obviously shortens the treatment time and the number of "Zachodni visit" to the dentist.

But our health depends on how carefully we treat it. So do not neglect prevention: a dentist visit every six months, as you would not want to. This prevention will provide you from the painful treatment and spending money, but also saves your nerves. It is better to visit the doctor twice, but with a smile than one without teeth.

Children's therapeutic dentistry

Many adults do not want to visit the dentist, but still do it because they understand the importance of this process. But what to do with young kids, fear more than pain that they suffer.

The issue of children's dental disease is especially widespread today. Improper diet, environment and many other factors affect dental health kids. Therefore, children's therapeutic dentistry so important in the modern world.

Today many children suffer from diseases of caries, periodontal, oral mucosa, and the dentist must be extremely attentive and careful in working with young patients.

This branch of dentistry is very complex, as the doctor should be knowledgeable not only in anatomical and physiological features of the structure of the child's body, but in particular the structure of the dental system. And we must not forget that children grow and their body changes very quickly, so to find a good child therapist dentist you need to work hard.

But if you have found your specialist, don't let him go. Appreciate good shots, since the quality of a specialist depends on the health of your child.

Therefore, do not delay treatment not his, not his child or, even better, engage in prevention.