People share on two types: those who relaxes in a chair at the stomatologist, and at  whom knees tremble even before elementary routine inspection . More often – fears are vain, but sometimes if planned surveys were avoided, immediate intervention is necessary.  The maximum preservation of teeth above all for the pro of the business. The surgical stomatology, except removal, is engaged in restoration of the injured teeth. This section should pay tribute because it is a way to a beautiful smile.

To tell the truth, in surgery doesn't happen "simply" and "difficult". To say, for example, removal of tooth simple operation – a mistake. The lack of professionalism at carrying out operation can lead to very serious consequences. Honestly, it is better to read about root dislocation, injury of the next teeth or a fracture of a jaw on the Internet, than test it on yourself. To go to surgical stomatology and to extract tooth it is necessary in the most inevitable cases – when treatment is inefficient. As a rule, there are consulted about prosthetics,implant before the intervention . There is a removal of wisdom teeth which disturb or injure soft fabrics. Also there are removal of cysts which are located at the top of the root .

The full list of operations which is included by surgical stomatology is big. These are teeth saving procedures, treatment of inflammations, tumors, salivary glands, removal of teeth and small new growths on a face, implantation, plastic surgeries on jaws and so on.

At some adults As well as children,  the stomatologist causes not the best emotions. Have to persuade Children, but all the same to dispel the myth about the terrible and angry stomatologist – a difficult task. Sometimes children's dental surgery is a causes to parents afraid. Professional doctor in the office creates a microclimate with maximum comfort and all procedures will be successful. It is worth noting that the pain in modern dentistry is practically reduced to zero.

Surgical dentistry KIEV

                                                    How to determine how much serious dental clinic is? First of all, the presence of surgical techniques. There are cases where treatment without a surgical component does not make sense . Surgery dentistry requires an appropriate qualification certificate and enough experience. Without this - any manipulations are danger for life!

It is not easy to find a high-quality surgical treatment in big city. However, many professional dental clinics provides high quality dental surgery, Kiev is rich in such clinics. You should pay doctor's atention  on the use of non-traumatic techniques. Working with special surgical loupes enables to use microsurgical instruments, thin needles, blades, and suture materials. This ensures a good result - minimal trauma and easy postoperative feekings . Any surgical intervention needs in anesthesia . The doctor, who asks if there are any contraindications the patient (an allergic reaction, heart disease), - a good doctor.