In connection with the ongoing modernization of treatments in medicine in the search process more efficient, painless method, a new trend in dentistry - ozone treatment. Ozone therapy in dentistry, with regular visits to the doctor, makes it possible to completely abandon the drill. This safe treatment that, unlike antibiotics, has no negative impact on the patient's tissue and the microflora.


Due to the large number of therapeutic properties of ozone, ozone therapy is widely used. This prevention of various diseases of the oral cavity, and enamel tooth sensitivity treatment and sterilization of the oral cavity.


The essence ozonotherapy lies in that ozone jet stream misses the oral cavity under pressure, kill bacteria on the tooth surface and the cavity itself, sterilize it and prevents inflammation in the future.


During testing of this methodology has been defined: the use of ozone in dentistry is able to stop the process of decay of tooth enamel, which is almost impossible to wrap up at the modern diet.




Ozone has a devastating impact on a lot of bacteria and viruses, has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, analgesic properties. Due to its formula of ozone prevents inflammation and subsequently - the discomfort, pain, bleeding, swelling of the gums, and even bad breath.


In addition to anti-inflammatory properties of ozone, it is worth noting his ability to preventive oral health. It perfectly sanitizes, improves blood flow, and reduces the need for antibiotics. Ozone enriches the blood with oxygen and positive effect on the human immune system in a different age. 

Thus, with the advent of the need for surgical treatment of ozone therapy in dentistry is minimized. 

What is the use of ozone in dentistry has found? 

Ozone in dentistry appeared not so long ago, as in other areas of medicine. Popularity ozone treatment can be easily explained, it is a modern, highly effective method of treatment of dental caries, periodontal and other inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa, and most importantly - absolutely painless. It is also widely used in dentistry is ozonated water to local therapy. How directly during the procedure, and after its completion, the ozone is indispensable. It enhances and accelerates the healing process. 

Ozone is increasingly being used in various areas of dentistry. In addition to periodontal treatments, there were positive results in the treatment of phlegmon of the maxillofacial region. Furthermore, ozone is used for disinfection of medical instruments, dental prostheses and implants. 

The procedure does not take much time, on average, 15 - 20 seconds. It is so much necessary to destroy huge number of viruses and bacteria which cause various diseases such as caries or destruction of tooth enamel. Dental treatment is not more than a painful procedure and does not cause complications in the future.