Whatever the state of your teeth are not, you can always resort to a simple and convenient procedure - implantation and restoration of teeth.

Before you start filling in the gaps in a smile, the patient must undergo a small survey on the presence of defects or diseases that could interfere with the successful implementation of the implants. Modern dentistry has a large list of contraindications to this procedure, so in most cases, according to the results of the inspection, the customer immediately receives a "Hollywood smile".

Dental implants cost and benefits

  • Implantation involves a number of advantages.
  • Saves the symmetry of the face, and creates a cosmetic effect.
  • Teeth build procedure does not damage healthy teeth and completely replaces lost.
  • It returns to normal occlusion. Especially, it concerns situations where dentition due to the loss of a tooth gradually begins to shift.
  • More likelihood of oral hygiene, health and safety of the gums.
  • They have a long service life.
  • Allow to save on future treatment.

The price of services depends on the implantation of the system, which is used by the client. Each of these has some advantages and conditions ranging from the installation and finishing technologies lifetime guaranteed by the system manufacturer.


Classical and basal implantation

Advantages and disadvantages of both classical dental implants is the duration. Depending on the process of building up bone tissue, it can take 6 to 15 months. Furthermore, plus a period of several months, when the operation can be carried out starting from the moment when the tooth has been removed.

But this duration allows the patient to always be under the supervision of a physician professional. A 96-percent threshold of successful procedures can be confident as a method.

The basal implantation different form used rod and the depth at which it is embedded in the bone. Also, this procedure does not require bone augmentation, and its cost is quite low.

But the lack of information regarding the durability of basal implants carries some doubts. The relative newness of the procedure does not cause much confidence among customers, but to fully judge it is too early.