Modern laser dental implants and its benefits

The advantages of modern laser implantation include:

  • speed of execution;
  • low probability of occurrence of inflammatory processes;
  • dose of anesthetic used is much less than for other methods of prosthesis;
  • hundred percent guarantee that the implantation is successful, and the new tooth will last for years to come.

Laser treatment begins with a complete examination of the patient. Firstly, conducted clinical and surgical inspection of the oral cavity. After this clinic selects the optimal treatment plan or dentist appoint the necessary preliminary procedures to implantation was successful: caries, uneven row of teeth, the presence of irritation and so on.

Depending on the health of the patient, the beginning of the operation will be carried out only when the bone is formed in the hole recently extracted tooth. It usually takes 1 to 3 months.

Single-stage dental implants in half an hour

It's true. Full restoration of lost teeth is less than 30 minutes. In addition, modern technique allows to do without joints, blood, since the technology is described as minimally invasive.

This procedure ensures maximum comfort for patients, especially for those who are concerned about the surgery. Moreover, the large variety of prosthetic options allows for the shortest line to pick up the required abutment and the implant, respectively.

The price of new teeth varies from "top" to "economy" option. Preliminary cost shall be announced after the examination of the patient and will depend on the spent materials and individual wishes. Dental implants in Kiev - it is always beneficial as one procedure allows you to save money on all future trips to the dentist.