Straight teeth - this is another indicator of human health, as well as the lush hair and clear skin. In addition, this is another reason to smile.

The alignment of the teeth - a procedure which allows to correct inaccuracies nature, fill your natural beauty, and even think about pushing your own posture. Quite often, the cause of crooked teeth and the need to fix the bite is poor posture and myofunctional habits. The latter include the unconscious influence on the structure of the teeth of young - child during adulthood, or are breast-feeding, sucking fingers, and thus puts pressure on the jaw. From there the view dentists that pulling teeth in children - need to be caused by a simple bad habit.

Children's Orthodontist in his work uses a variety of modern techniques that allow for a long time (if ever) do straight teeth: teeth alignment plate or the use of braces, which will be compiled on a 3D model of your child's jaw.


Orthodontist Clinic near

Modern orthodontics uses a variety of techniques and dental treatment methods, their alignment, depending on the complexity of the situation, age limits, and sometimes - the client desires.

So, before you make an appointment with the orthodontist, consult with a physician and dentist, if possible, eliminate other damage to the teeth. Then it is already possible to identify the price, time, appointment procedures and to talk about their worries regarding the bite. For example, patients are not treated in time to see a doctor, because we are confident that the procedure will be very noticeable on the face, and even would interfere with everyday affairs. Do not worry, orthodontic consultation to dot the "i" and all smiles over the "th".

Dentist - Your new neighbor

On metallic smile always pay attention. You seem to shine, hard and confident correcting your bite. This is the main difference between these braces from plastic, ceramic or lingual.

The last three have a distinct aesthetic advantage. Transparent Ceramic braces are very popular among patients of Kiev. But still the most effective and time-tested - a classic braces.