The aim of the destination is an X-ray diagnostics and control over the process of treating a patient. To obtain high-quality images, especially for complex treatment, use and radiovisiograph latest informatization system. Modern X-ray methods are synchronized with the database computer and your doctor that allows you to see the progress since the last visit, especially if long-term treatment.

  • Panoramic shot of the teeth is usually used to obtain general information about a particular patient dentition. The image obtained by this method allows you to define and plan the treatment. Depending on the orientation of dental problems and is an orthopedic, surgical, therapeutic.
  • Intraoral X-rays already gives more detailed information about the changes of the support apparatus of the teeth, bone, provides an opportunity to see the development of caries. Dental X-rays used for the prevention of various periodontal diseases.

Modern X-ray diagnostics in dentistry

Many well-known and modern method of taking pictures can be considered viziogrfiyu, the main advantage of which is to reduce the load on the patient. Upon receipt of images in this manner, all information is stored in the clinical data and results allow the doctor to assess the possibility of further treatment process while not necessarily appear to the patient for diagnostic imaging. Modern software allows the dentist to work in a virtual environment with all the necessary components.

In addition, all who were interested in the question - how often you can do X-rays of the teeth, and who worry about it - you can have peace of mind. Even with the long procedure treatment, and modern diagnostic technology, enough to go one-3d x-rays and forget about it.