Treatment of carious lesions.

Small black spots on the teeth, usually involve hidden caries. In most cases, the "spots" can be removed within the enamel, but the remaining 20 - 30% reach the dentin (the bone of the tooth substance, its hard tissue) - this is the cause of your sensitivity to food or drinks.

Laser treatment of the root canal.

The indisputable advantages of using lasers in dentistry - it is absolutely painless and bloodless treatment, used in periodontics, the ability to make teeth whitening, directly affect the foci of infection and perform surgeries with maximum comfort for the patient.

Machining of the root canal.

With the help of the manual endodontic instruments dentist, tooth root clears the channels, removing the nerve tissue and bacteria that feed on it, to avoid further loss. This is a simple and fast procedure that saves your smile.

Clinical preventive dentistry for you is:

  • Fast and affordable appointments to the professional dentist.
  • A large staff of highly qualified professionals.
  • The ability to obtain therapeutic, surgical, cosmetic, orthopedic services.
  • Modern equipment.
  • Reasonable prices, as well as guarantees and discounts on treatments.
  • We provide both advice and maintenance work as well as full-fledged, long-term treatment procedure.
  • Children's Therapeutic dentistry

Young patients are not always able to understand and appreciate the need for treatment to the dentist or the personal hygiene of the oral cavity. Doctors use an individual and holistic approach to each child, to be used effectively in the treatment of problem teeth. Perhaps a visit to lessons for children on dental hygiene, adult presence during inspections and more.