Eruption of wisdom teeth causes us to understand and sympathize with kids when they are just starting to acquire the first baby teeth. An increase in temperature, swollen gums, excessive salivation, and other very unpleasant symptoms are known to 9 out of 10 people who were growing third molars. By the way, the wisdom teeth erupt a little more than 90% of adults.And usually all the process is problematic.

Inappropriately "awakened" tooth has a lot of options to spoil the life of its owner. This is especially true of the upper molars. For example, due to lack of space, the upper wisdom tooth can begin to grow at an angle, thereby forming a gap, which will necessarily be hammered pieces of food. And the upper wisdom teeth often grow in the direction of the cheek than enough to greatly injure the mucous membrane.

From lower wisdom teeth is often less of a hassle, but they can cause anxiety. Unlike upper third molars lower wisdom teeth  behave more or less well, and usually they can be expected only pericoronitis, although, of course, there are also very problematic instances. Pericoronitis - a purulent inflammation of the "hood", which is formed penetrating between the tooth and gum. To get rid of his patient, the dentist makes excision of the gingiva. Unfortunately, it could happens pericoronitis relapse and in this case it is better to remove a wisdom tooth.

Keep in mind, the wisdom tooth could hurt and the adjacent tooth. Due to the fact that the brush portion is good and right, where the wisdom teeth grow practically impossible, their appearance leads to the formation of hard and soft plaque on the "neighbors", and later his carious lesions.

Learn about the possible time of the appearance of wisdom teeth can only regular checkups at the dentist. Already on the teenager X-ray image can be seen their beginnings. Based on the structure of the jaw, your dentist may offer to remove wisdom teeth, to relieve the patient from future suffering. Many of us are afraid to remove the teeth, especially those who do not even have an effect, but in this case really need to trust the doctor. Today, removal of wisdom teeth - this is a common dental operation, which takes no more than 10 minutes of time. Of course, there are also challenging the removal of wisdom teeth, in such a case, the time spent in the dental chair, tightened. But most patients are afraid of pain. Modern drugs effectively eliminate all unpleasant feelings, and if necessary, injections of anesthetic into the gums. If you feel even the slightest in the mouth, or a slight pain, do not pull on time, contact your dentist. The sooner you come to the expert, the less painful and costly dental treatment will be.