People are frustrated by yellowed teeth. Mass culture is firmly reinforced in our minds a pattern that only white smile, like movie stars, indicating success, youth and good health. And as if not fought above the debunking of this myth hundreds of dentists around the world, people are still desperately fighting for whiter teeth, often using dubious means and applying it sufficiently serious harm to your smile.

Before you worry about the fact that the teeth have turned yellow, you must first find the reasons for this phenomenon. Let's start with the fact that the color of the teeth in each individual. It caused no enamel, which is almost colorless, and a layer of dentin underneath. The color of the dentin white, but tone it may be yellowish or bluish, and transmitted it to us genetically.

In some cases, the teeth do become yellow. This is due to taking drugs (tetracycline antibiotics), especially food (high iron content in the water), certain diseases, work in hazardous environments, associated with acids and so forth. In addition, the teeth become yellow with age due to the formation of secondary dentine.

But still, the main causes of yellowing teeth are poor hygiene, smoking, excessive sweet, tea, coffee, red wine and passion for coloring foods such as pomegranate, beets, etc. Of course, to give up the use of tea, coffee and raw vegetables do not need to, but to preserve the whiteness of the teeth better after receiving a good gargle.

Smoking is not only badly affect the whiteness of the teeth, but also the state of the oral cavity in general. Tobacco smoke and tar greatly affect the appearance of yellow plaque, which may eventually become black, and the mucosa, tongue and gums. Especially smoking affects lower teeth.

As you can see, the causes of yellowing teeth are completely different. But just know the reason - not enough. It is necessary to eliminate the consequences to quietly smile at all 32. Teeth whitening traditional methods will not bring benefits. Usually, they are very aggressive and intense thinning enamel whitening is very vulnerable, and just did quickly turns yellow. If you are worried that your teeth yellowed, please contact our clinic. The dentist will choose the best way for you to whiten your teeth, not causing them irreparable harm.