Installing dental implants today is among the most costly dental procedures, but, nevertheless, the use of the dental restoration technology helps in many cases to avoid prosthetic (especially removable). In general, dentists prefer other, more benign methods of dental restorations (fillings the same, for example), but in some cases the use of a different method would not be effective and appropriate. It was then that the implantation of the tooth is the most optimal solution of the problem.

Installing dental implants is the procedure that can not be called simple, because you not just need to enter into the patient's bone the foreign body, but also to ensure that it is not rejected by the body of the patient. The quality of the result depends on the professionalism of the doctor-implantologist, who used dental implants technology and, of course, implant system which was used.

Incidentally, the cost of dental implants is dependent largely on practically on the same factors. Actually therefore quite difficult even in the middle to say how much cost dental implantation in Ukraine - it's necessary to take into account the method of implantation, the materials which will be used and their number, the level of complexity of each individual case and pricing dental clinic.

To find out the approximate cost of dental implants in Kyiv, for example, you first need to determine the method of implantation and implant system. Make it your own is almost impossible, because only qualified dentist can determine which method of implantation, which materials and implants are best used in a particular case. Of course you can find online the proposition dental clinics at dental implant prices and get an idea of ​​how much does costs implantation in Ukraine or in a particular city. But after that it is best to approach the experts for advice. Moreover, in some dental centers (including ours) examination and consultation are free of charge (subject to subsequent treatment).

It should be noted that a qualified implantologist has to offer you several options to choose from, based on your requirements for cost, physiological characteristics and specificity of a particular problem. In addition, tooth implants should be done only after a detailed diagnosis and drawing up on the basis of its results an individual treatment plan.