In the arsenal of dentistry today is a lot  variety of tools, materials and techniques for virtually any dental problems. In addition, this arsenal is constantly updated and refreshed, so that even those diseases that previously seemed to be incurable (only option is considered a tooth extraction), today may be resolved fairly easily, quickly and as painlessly as possible.

However, in some cases prosthetic is indispensable. In dentistry are used many different methods of prosthetics, different technologies, used materials and, naturally, prices are different too.

But at the same time, any methods of dental prosthetics have something in common.

The diagnostic should be carried out through using high-precision equipment before the installing of any dental prosthetics. Without survey it is impossible to get a full picture of the problem and, therefore, to find an optimal solution.

It is exactly depend from the diagnostic results largely which method prosthetics will be used by a dentist. Thus, for example, may be installed non-removable and removable dentures, clasp, nylon or other prostheses, crowns, veneers etc.

If to speak about common practices in prosthetic dentistry, cannot fail to mention about clasp dentures. The popularity of this method is due to the affordability, reliability, ease of maintenance, long enough service life (clasp denture is on average 5-7 years) and by the ability to select the type of attachment that allows you to use clasp prosthetics in different cases (although mostly clasp dentures are used by dentists to restore one or more teeth, and also this method is used often for an prosthetic dentition). But clasp prosthetics method has its drawbacks: the patient often needs a few weeks to get used to such a prosthesis, clasp dentures are not used to reduce the extreme teeth, and they can not be installed if the patient doesn't have a row of several perfectly healthy teeth. It is  considered that soon the clasp dental prosthesis would go back in time, especially since it has an alternative replacement – nylon dentures.

Nylon prostheses used in dentistry relatively recently, but have already gained great popularity due to durability, ease care, aesthetics and elasticity.

We will notice that it is not worth decide independently, what method of dental prosthetics is better for you. All you have to do is just turn to a professional who will select the best option exactly for you, guaranteeing quality and convenience of a dental prosthesis.