Oral hygiene is a very important procedure. This is what our parents repeat us from our childhood, and later we hear this phrase at every visit to the dentist. But, nevertheless, no matter how carefully and often we brush our teeth, will still eventually plaque appears at certain teeth, that later may turn into tartar or give rise caries. And it does not mean that something has been done wrong. Just in remote places qualitative brushing of teeth at home is impossible. Therefore with full confidence we can say that professional teeth’s cleaning is necessary for each person at least every six months.

So, you decide to get professionally cleaned of your teeth. What can you expect? In fact, today there are many methods of cleaning teeth: laser whitening, cleaning Air-Flow, mechanical or ultrasonic cleaning teeth, etc. But, despite such a variety of methodologies, there is a teeth cleaning by a dentist in almost the same scheme.

First of all, the dentist has to carry out a full examination of the patient's mouth. According to the results of diagnostics dentist can deny you this or that method of cleaning teeth, suggesting instead for you more suitable method. Note that the diagnosis of the oral cavity is generally carried out using the latest equipment, so for the patient, this procedure is absolutely painless and quite comfortable.

Once determined the most appropriate way for you to clean the teeth, the dentist begins the removal of plaque and / or stone. At the same time, regardless of the method chosen, teeth cleaning by a dentist may also consist of several stages. For example, teeth cleaning  with Air Flow system takes place in two stages: at the beginning of the procedure a dentist removes the tartar by ultrasound  and then removes plaque with a special mixture of fluoridated water and powder (for example, Clinpro). Also, if you wish, a dentist can make a massage of your gums for a health purposes with the system Air Flow.

After the removal of plaque and calculus dentist polishes the teeth of the patient with special devices. This can be a paste, brushes or rubber cups.

Concluding stage of a teeth cleaning at the dentist, as a rule, is the fluoridation of teeth. This procedure is designed to protect tooth enamel and is to cover the surface of the teeth fluorine-containing gel or varnish, which forms a kind of film. It is believed that fluorination of the teeth - it is also a good caries prevention.

Note that cleaning the teeth at the dentist is going with using the latest equipment, so it is absolutely safe and painless for the patient.