Today, correct bite and straighten the teeth is very simple. All you need is an installing braces, patience, and after some time you will get a beautiful smile. Braces are absolutely safe, their installation does not require surgery, and the correction process does not bring any discomfort.

But braces have some differences. They are divided into two types - lingual and vestibular. Lingual braces are attached to the inner side of the jaw, and the vestibular, respectively, are attached from the outside.

Installing of lingual braces would be a good idea in the case of deep bite, and other anomalies that can not be corrected with the vestibular braces. And, of course, they are not seen, which is very important for many patients. The disadvantage is a more complicated care of braces and a longer period of adaptation to it.

In addition, the brackets are divided into ligating, they also have called a classic, and self-ligating. Self-ligating braces have plenty of advantages: easy to wear and care, no ligatures, fewer visits to the orthodontist to activate the arc braces and the higher rate of correction. Their main drawback is a price. By the way, the benefits of self-ligating brackets are sometimes overrated. For example, orthodontists in dental clinic "Doctor Zub" can install the classic braces in Kiev, cleverly varying ways of fixing the arc so that the time of wearing braces will be as short as possible, and the price will be optimal too.

Materials that used for dental braces are different. Cheapest braces are made of metal. Usually this is titanium and nickel alloy or stainless steel. Visibility is their main drawback, though today they already have is not as fearsome view as it used to. In addition, metal braces are also made of gold. The price of gold braces is very high. Such systems may, in fact, be useful only for patients with an allergy to other metals. And, of course, setting the gold braces is a one of the ways of self-expression.

Plastic braces are not much more expensive than metal, but look better. Plastic braces are much more fragile than metal, but also prone to staining of food dyes. Also worth noting is that the plastic braces are produced in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing using them in children's orthodontics.

The most expensive braces, except of course gold, are made of ceramic and sapphire. This price is due to the high aesthetic qualities and maximum stealth.

Contact the clinic, "Doctor Zub" and you may learn more about braces. Our experts will give detailed advice and help you to choose braces that will be perfect in all respects.