Installing the bracket system, it is also called "braces" is used to correct the defects of bite and irregularities of dentition. This method of correction of teeth and the bite has one major drawback – the difficulty of care. Complicated construction of dental cases leads to the fact that it can be collected plaque and getting stuck of bits of food, and this, in turn, threatens to the appearance of caries. That is why care of braces should be especially great. Installation of orthodontic cases is conducted only on healthy teeth. To get started you will need to cure tooth decay and other disorders of the teeth, eliminate inflammation of the gums, to hold professional cleaning of teeth, as well as to make fluoridation of enamel. Only after these manipulations makes sense to deal with beauty. When the teeth and gums will be ready to the load the dentist quickly installs cases.

On average, the installation of dental braces takes about an hour. The procedure is painless, but it is sometimes tedious for the patient. To get used to the braces usually require several days. We immediately warn patients that in the case of pain or discomfort, such as a pressure on the gums or scratches of the buccal mucosa, they should immediately consult a doctor, so that specialist could correct braces or cover it sharp edges with edible wax.

You can't give the proper care of braces without pedantry. Teeth brushing will become your mandatory ritual after every meal, but you will need to brush your teeth in the morning and before bedtime with greater care. Conventional toothbrushes for dental braces care will not be enough. You will need a special orthodontic v-trim toothbrush, irrigator, dental floss and mouthwash. And once a month you need to apply to the dentist to get the professional cleaning of teeth and braces.

Wearing braces imposes not only difficulties with the dental cleaning to the patient, but also dietary restrictions. Dental braces are quite fragile and it can be easily damaged during eating too firm and tough food. In addition, you have to forget about harmful for the teeth and figure scones and muffins, butterscotch and other stretchy sweets, which stick to the teeth and dental braces, and even about the chewing gum. Also food and drinks with too high or with too low temperature will be banned. Ice cream or scalding tea is extremely harmful to elements of braces, because they lose their elasticity.

At first glance, the installation of braces and care of it take up too much time, effort, money and take away small everyday pleasures. But in fact, get used to the dental braces and learn how to take care of cases is quite simple, and the results are sure to be pleasantly for you.