As we have already mentioned, the best prevention – a thorough dental hygiene and oral cavity, and regular visits to the dental office (LINK). Yet, consider this question more broadly. Initially responsible for dental health lies with the parents.

We get your teeth while we are in the womb. Formation of rudiments of temporary teeth occurs at 6-7 weeks of gestation. In the fifth month of pregnancy the teeth germs are mineralized, and already at the end of the period are formed and begin to build an enamel some permanent teeth. Therefore, the overall health of our teeth often depends on the conditions of gestation, and not only on us. You can analyze the dental health of  mothers, as well as some other factors that accompany pregnancy, and predict tooth decay and related problems in future.

For example, prenatal was perfect. Oral hygiene of newborn requires the same attention. Half an hour after feeding the baby's mouth wipe by special wipes, soft fingertip or a swab dipped in boiled water. Teething period marked not only by the children's suffering, but also the increased hassles for parents. Each new tooth requires mechanical cleaning. At 9 months, it is desirable to show the child's pediatric dentist to check teeth growth process, the condition of the mucous membrane and to obtain recommendations for care. When a child is a one year old, you can start using the children's toothpastes and again to visit a dentist to detect tooth decay in time. Treat the baby teeth should be, because the infection is not going away. For more information, you can contact our pediatric dentist (LINK).

Parents give us the basics, but in the future health of our teeth and gums is only ours business. Naturally, proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental office – these are the main measures. In addition, we must not forget about proper nutrition, drinking the necessary amount of water to avoid excessive viscosity of saliva, and avoid excess carbohydrates and refined sugars.

In the clinic, "Doctor Zub" experienced doctors of different areas of dentistry, which are qualitatively diagnose diseases of the teeth and gums in the very early stages of development and help maintain health for many years.