It's no secret that the cost and quality of dental services in different regions of the country, and especially in different countries varies greatly. Obviously, the more economically developed countries, almost any kind of service is much more expensive than in Ukraine, which is due primarily to the presence of effective demand. Very often, the difference in the prices of dental services of thousands of dollars. It is a complex chelator treatment, prosthetics, implantation, and other services related to the innovative medical technologies, including lasers.

Despite the huge difference in cost for dental services in Europe and Ukraine, the level of quality in some clinics is not inferior to the West. This is due to the globalization of the industry, allowing private domestic institutions to have access to modern equipment and materials that are used in the world of dental practice; participate in international seminars, conferences and exchange experience with foreign colleagues. Also as a consequence of the rapid development of private dental clinics in Ukraine, the level of services has become crucial competitive differentiator, because that is its constant progress. This ensures the highest level of services that may be able to satisfy the needs of any foreign patient.  

All these factors have created ideal conditions for dental tourism in the city of Kiev. The main purpose of tourists - it saves money and receive at least the same level of medical care, which exists in their hometowns. The difference in cost is much covers the costs of travel and accommodation expenses and other costs, and generates real savings, which can be estimated even without making complex calculations.

However, not all clinics have a sufficient level of skill, experience and knowledge of doctors, as well as the level of equipment and materials.

Warranty for all patients, including foreign ones, for sure could provide stomatolologiya in Kiev - Dr. Zub as a great experience and the best modern world technology enables to provide a consistently high level of services performed at the clinic.

stomatolologiya in Kiev