Almost every second at least once in my life felt all the trouble of toothache. Regardless of the type, whether it be aching, pulsating or sharp toothache, everyone would like to get rid of it quickly. The best option in this case, of course, will be going to the dentist to eliminate the cause of pain. But often it is not possible to apply right now to a specialist, so you have to fight the pain yourself. What can effectively remove the toothache?

There are several options: pills against toothache or folk remedies. From tooth pain equally effective can save both options, provided they are correctly applied. For example, analgin against toothache has been used for more than a decade, but it will be effective only with minor pain. Trying to strengthen its analgesic properties, some mistakenly use a tablet of analgin as a kind of compress, applying it directly to the tooth. Note that this method is not only inefficient, but also dangerous, since the substances in the tablet are destructively affecting the enamel.

For severe tooth pain, it is better to use other drugs (eg, Tempalgin, Nurofen, Paracetamol, Aspirin, etc.). But in doing so, it is necessary to take into account the contraindications specified in the instruction so as not to get instead of solving one problem another, more serious. This point should not be ignored, because even the most popular drugs - analgesics and aspirin - can not be accepted by everyone with toothache.

Note that before taking any painkiller from toothache, dentists recommend that you clean the mouth of food residues by thoroughly rinsing it with at least plain water. Very often, the cause of pain can serve as a piece of food stuck in the teeth, so even a regular rinse can significantly reduce pain. By the way, many folk methods against toothache are just gargling with herbs: calendula, mint, chamomile, sage, etc. In addition, folk medicine offers other equally effective options: acupressure, applying to a sick tooth Soaked in oil cloves wadding or gauze swab, etc.

It is very important to understand that even in cases when you managed to remove a toothache at home, you need to contact a specialist to find and eliminate the cause.