Tooth extraction is an extreme measure that dentists use only in cases when there is no chance to save and restore the tooth in less radical ways - by installing seals, cermets or crowns. Of course, we do not take into account the removal of milk teeth, because these are slightly different operations. Removing permanent teeth, especially wisdom teeth, is a complex procedure that requires a responsible approach from both the dentist and the patient, who must provide proper care for the wound after tooth extraction.

Basic rules of care

After the extraction of the tooth, the dentist-surgeon closes the formed deep wound (hole) with a sterile cotton swab to stop the bleeding. It is not recommended to clean the tampon earlier than 30 minutes, so that the wound does not open again.

To ensure the most rapid healing of the wound, it is better at least the first day after tooth extraction to refuse hot food, hard and sticky products, as well as those that can irritate the wound. Categorically it is not recommended to use alcohol after tooth extraction. Smokers should reduce the number of smoked cigarettes for two days to a minimum.

An important factor that affects the healing process of the dental hole is the full hygiene of the oral cavity. After each meal, doctors recommend rinsing the mouth with water to clean the wound from the food residue. Of course, at least twice a day you need to brush your teeth, gently bypassing the wound. It is better to use a soft toothbrush and fluoride paste. You can use the rinse, starting from the second day after tooth extraction.

To remove the swelling that occurs after the extraction of the tooth, you can apply compresses to the cheek with ice. In cases where pain and swelling give the patient discomfort, you should contact your doctor - he will prescribe the necessary drugs and the course of anti-inflammatory procedures. Note that in general, puffiness is normal and in most cases it goes by itself 3-4 days after the operation.
In any case, no later than 7 days after tooth extraction, you need to come to the dentist for an examination to make sure that the wound heals normally without any complications. Take care of your health!