oday, there are many different means for oral care: toothpastes, yarns, powders, rinses, etc. Each tool has its own characteristics and is used for a specific purpose. Despite the fact that dentists recommend using a set of funds for the care of teeth and gums, most of us still prefer to use paste or tooth powder alone. Since both of these funds are intended for cleaning teeth, many are interested in the question, the better to use - paste or powder.

The popularity of tooth powder decreased significantly after the invention of pastes, which were actively advertised as a safe and more effective means for dental care. At the same time there was a lot of talk about the fact that chalk, which is a part of tooth powder, damages tooth enamel, which means it is more harmful than useful. And although modern tooth powders have been improved and are absolutely safe, few today prefer this remedy.

Tooth powder or paste: a brief overview of all the pros and cons

Like everything in this world, tooth powder and pasta have both disadvantages and advantages. To the disadvantages of toothpastes, for example, include the presence in their composition of preservatives, which are harmful to the human body. And the main drawback of tooth powder is the high possibility of its entry into the respiratory tract. Although in fact the tooth powder must be diluted with water before use, that is, it is not used properly in dry form. So this deficiency is nothing more than a fiction and the result of non-compliance with recommendations on the use of this tool.

The main advantage of tooth powder lies in its ability to destroy tartar, which can not cope with any toothpaste. But at the same time, dentists say that you should not try to replace toothpaste with toothpaste - these remedies are not interchangeable! It is better to use them in a complex in parallel. But if the toothpaste is to be used at least twice a day, the tooth powder is recommended to be used several times a week as an additional tool for the care of teeth and gums.

Also note that tooth powder and paste are best used only by those that your dentist will recommend to you.