A full-fledged oral care must necessarily include a set of measures to protect and strengthen not only the tooth enamel, but also the gums that perform the most important protective and nutritional function. There are several ways to strengthen the gums, which can be divided into two main categories: professional strengthening of the gums at the dentist and strengthening of the gums at home.

Methods of strengthening the gums in dentistry

Very often, the cause of bleeding and looseness of the gums is subgingival and dental plaque, so a set of measures to strengthen the gums necessarily includes professional teeth cleaning. After that, the dentist prescribes therapy that needs to be done at home. Depending on the specifics of the problem, these can be applied with a special gel, rinsing with special medicinal products or herbal decoctions, etc.

Also, the cause of gum disease may be an incorrect bite, the presence of carious foci, and the like. In such cases, it is first necessary to eliminate the initial problem - fix bite, heal cavities, etc.

How to strengthen the gums at home?

Ways to strengthen the gums at home are as simple as possible - using special pastes, medicinal rinse, herbal decoctions (chamomile, burdock, sage, mint, etc.). Of course, hygiene has an important role in maintaining gum health. Only by observing all hygiene rules can you achieve the desired result - get rid of bleeding and inflammation of the gums.

You can also make a variety of gadgets and special gum massage, take vitamin complexes, eat healthy gums - seafood, citrus fruits, greens, dairy products, etc.

Important! Strengthen gums at home will be effective only if you have previously conducted professional cleaning of the plaque. Before applying any measures it is better to consult your dentist who will be able to choose the best way to solve your problem and will tell you how to treat bleeding gums or how to gently rinse the gums.