How to identify a milk tooth decay

To determine the caries in children is quite easy, even in the early stages. Visually, you may notice white or brown spots on teeth, pain is felt when eating hot or cold, and may appear bad breath in children. If appear these symptoms, it is necessary to begin your dental treatment immediately, because the decay develops rapidly.

Often children are unable to articulate the problem of pain in the teeth. In such cases, parents should alert the child's behavior typical of these symptoms are: refusal of food, or chewing on one side of the jaw.

Parents should know, what dental clinic must have a special Department of pediatric dentistry, since the dental treatment of children is extremely specific.

The causes of child tooth decay

Causes of tooth decay in children is more than enough. Poor hygiene, sharing of Cutlery with adults who have diseases of the oral cavity. But the main reason is the impact of carbohydrate foods that break down the tooth, the infection from carriers of dental caries, genetics, lack of development of the children's skeletal system.

  • Of course, the most common cause of tooth decay is poor hygiene and the impact of carbs contained in sweets. According to statistics 70% of young children developing tooth decay. Sucrose, fructose and glucose – is a acid that are formed during fermentation of carbohydrates, which break down the tooth.
  • Caries is an infection infection. It can transmit a parent, being a carrier of carious germs. Kissing, or sharing Cutlery can easily transmit the infection, which will develop caries!

  • Do not underestimate such factors as genetic predisposition of the person. Also on the dental health of the child affects a healthy lifestyle mother wearing as a child's teeth begin to form during the antenatal period.

  • Obvious factor the appearance of early caries in children, is that baby teeth have a low degree of mineralization and erupt "immature", and then "ripen". At the moment of appearance of milk teeth, they are most vulnerable. The reasons why get rotten in a child 2 years previously, may be a chronic disease, the medication, the composition of saliva and fluoride content in water and food.

  • Improper use of nipple – another cause of early tooth decay. Falling asleep with a bottle in his mouth, the child is at risk to so-called baby bottle tooth decay.

The causes of tooth decay are many, but they all involve demineralization of teeth and tissue destruction. Pediatric dentistry need to diagnose changes in the teeth of children with the purpose of prevention and as fast as possible treatment. Do not forget that the health of the primary teeth influence the future health of the molars and the health of the organism as a whole!