The fact of the continuity of a healthy diet and healthy teeth you can be confirmed from any dentist. It is through food inside the body are all essential trace elements and a large amount of nutrients that are necessary for proper maintenance in the form of the entire body, and teeth there will not be an exception. Because if we neglect an elementary rule of healthy eating, you should not rely on his smile, and complain about the appalling state of the teeth.Better to control what you eat and how you do it — precisely because of this, your teeth will be durable, sensible, and bravely tolerate any negative impacts.

Therefore, you must split all the food you consume into three categories: those that are safe and do not affect your teeth. For those that can harm health; and also on a third category — useful and needed for human consumption. Needless to say this is definitely known to everyone harmful food, alcoholic beverages, large amounts of carbohydrates, and so on. Better to tell you about useful products, because not many people know that not only will not harm the teeth and will bring them great benefit. So, now we will deal about this issue.

Top 5 foods good for your teeth

1. Dairy foods: all kinds of cheese, milk, milk products, cheese – bring in your body a large amount of minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, and in addition, they are a great source of vitamins — particularly A, B, and D. do Not be redundant as they are present in casein and various types of phosphates, they are necessary during the process in which the tooth becomes a mineral — do not worry, it means that he becomes stronger.If you eat cheese, it will increase the level of calcium in the enamel of the teeth, and to improve and speed up the formation of saliva, which will affect the protection of oral cavity from all sorts of inflammation and painful caries.

2. A variety of seafood and fish. Many varieties of fish caught in the sea are a valuable source of calcium, phosphorus and fluorine, and especially rare in vitamin D and vitamin B1, which has a positive effect on the quality of assimilation within the body with micronutrients of mineral origin. Those elements that can be found in fish — can effectively complete the required number of agents necessary for the construction and synthesis of bone tissue, including teeth, as well as to give them the necessary resistance.And the high concentration of iodine, which is present in such quantity only in seafood — is nowhere to be found, and it is very important, precisely because her teeth will not be damaged by caries.

3. Solid food — most kinds of fruit and vegetables especially are helpful varieties of Apple, pear fruits, carrots, cabbages, all kinds of cucumbers, and so on. Hard food from plants healthy the teeth given double benefit. First and foremost, vitamins and natural fiber, which is present inside the fresh vegetable and fruit, be beneficial effect throughout the body and particularly on teeth health. No secondary will also be that the process of chewing this fruit or vegetable will cause your teeth into the action, and very well affect them.It will be a stimulation of all teeth and gums in particular, also such action will lead to the enrichment of the oral cavity of the element oxygen. Mechanical removal of plaque and deposits on the teeth, as well as increased production of saliva will also help such food.

4. Food all types of nuts – nuts inside are numerous amino acids which are not found anywhere else. They are nuts, combines the list of unsaturated fatty acids and from a huge list of vitamins and useful elements. The use of nuts in food, is the structural recovery phenomenon that will only strengthen the health of teeth.

5. Some drinks for example tea without sugar, and clean water. According to dentists, reducing the amount of sugar consumption is very useful for the strength of the tooth. And when you don't want to drink soft drinks and sugary drinks, and switch to black or green tea (or clear water) — you almost never are at risk of developing caries.

There are also products, which unjustly and wrongly considered to harmful, although it is not so! This citrus fruits, eggs, meat white and red, and many other delicious and healthy food. Whatever it was, but all should know the measure, even excessive consumption of healthy products can hurt.