What could be more beautiful charming and a cute smile? As much as it sounded, but it is the most powerful weapon, effective method of influencing the subconscious mind of man. But, to spoil her maybe a malocclusion. How many young people have complex about this? Almost everyone. The problem is so big that there is even a science that deals with problems of malocclusion – orthodontics. Let us try to understand the reasons for the formation of malocclusion, modern methods of correction and prevention.

The reasons for the formation of malocclusion

The occlusion is not formed immediately, but gradually, so parents should carefully monitor the child's development from birth to adolescence. Experts identify 5 stages of the formation of occlusion:

  • Since the advent of the baby born till 6 months of age, and this period is called a newborn.
  • The primary dentition begins to emerge after the first six months of baby's life and lasts up to 3 years, that is the period when erupt all temporary teeth.
  • The company formed the primary dentition covers the period from 3 to 6 years. At this time there is preparation of the jaw bone to the emergence of the permanent teeth.
  • After 6 years the period of mixed dentition that replace primary teeth. The end of this stage in children around the age of 12 years.
  • Permanent occlusion is formed in 12-15 years. By this time the teenager has already appeared on all permanent teeth.

One of the main reasons that the child appear such problems is a genetic predisposition. So if one or both parents crooked teeth, the child has all chances to face such inconvenience. Chronic respiratory diseases also affect the formation of the dentition. Patients of doctors-orthodontists are often children, who have long sucked a pacifier, had the habit – thumb sucking, or parents picked up the wrong nipple for breastfeeding.

Under the phrase "malocclusion" lies not just a malformation of the maxillofacial system, and serious psychological problem. The child slowly growing up, notices that it is slightly different from their peers, and it becomes a problem for him. As a result, he may become more withdrawn, less sociable, which will prevent him to realize in life. Therefore, parents should not hesitate, if you notice that the baby's development has deviated from the norm.

When you can fix an overbite?

Gone are the days when it was thought that to correct the bite only in childhood or adolescence. Modern medicine managed to take a step in this direction very far, so the treatment can be carried out at any age. It is clear that the older a person is, the less effective the treatment will be, moreover, of great importance to health, in particular its teeth. Speaking theoretically, to correct the bite can be, even in 90 years, however, to test in practice it is unlikely someone will be able.

The first signs that you should contact the orthodontist are the following: the child have problems with chewing solid food, he breathes through his mouth, constantly sucking her finger. These signs of problems with the bite can appear at any age. If the time to visit the doctor's office, he will be able to choose the preventive measures to prevent very serious problems in the future. Modern orthodontics has at its disposal special methods for working with children of different ages.For children with baby teeth used removable appliances, and 11-13 years used various braces.

Beautiful teeth – is the key to success, health, well-being and emotional comfort. Take care of your smile and smile of their own baby – visit your orthodontist now!