Statistically, one in five is suffering from such a disease as a pulpit. Start with tooth decay, infection, gradually penetrates into the pulp of the tooth, which dentists can conditionally call the nerve and causes a number of symptoms.

Now, this one in five people sensitive to cold or hot food. In addition, make themselves felt in temperature. Severe toothache, manifested in the mouth, can flow across the sensitive area around. Toothache, with the side where the infection is most evident, will gradually be felt in the neck, throat, ear and temple.

You can determine this pulpitis or other disease, according to the reaction to tapping and cold external stimuli - air, water, food.

How does the dental pulp?

The development of pulpitis appears further spread of infection beyond the limits of the tooth cloth at the roundabout - at the root of the tooth. Then a person begins to develop periodontitis, and the possibility of losing a tooth.

Pulpitis treatment and restoration of dental health

Cure pulpit to impossible. At a time when you have seen a sharp reaction to the stimuli, and pain in the nerves, can only refer to a professional.

The treatment process is quite simple and well known to all. Since the tooth nerve is touched, must first anesthetize the infected zone. After administration of the anesthetic, you must kill the remains of diseased tissue and nerve damage. Next comes the cleaning channel. If the root of the damage is not observed (periodontitis), then the dentist immediately puts the seal and let you go home.

In case, if the doctor notices a problem, it is necessary to continue the procedure, and at the next reception. First of all, it is important to make an X-ray to determine the exact place of the infection for good treatment. After cleaning of the root canal and filling is carried out with special substances that are completely removed from the roots of the infection.

Perform complicated periodontitis treatment of pulpitis at once is almost impossible, because always require several visits.